Just Dance 2019 Mod PS3 Free Download

Just Dance 2019 Mod

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Just Dance 2019 Mod


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by Lova

I’m thrilled to announce Just Dance 2019 for ps3 is finally available to download

this is my first mod and it isn’t perfect
there may be some bugs and glitches if there are any that aren’t listed at the end of description report them to me on my discord

this mod is only playable on cfw ps3s
han exploit isn’t supported because base game of this mod is Just Dance 2018 which isn’t playable on han since it doesn’t have patch and probably won’t receive it ever
look at the end of the description of videos that will help you understand what ps3 cfw is, is your console compatible, how to install it, how to install games and play them
be careful when you are jailbreaking your console because if you’re uncareful you could brick it
also keep in mind by jailbreaking you could be banned
so don’t sign in into psn if you don’t have a tool that substantially decreased chance of banning (check end of desc)
I wouldn’t recommend uploading your save games to psn (ps plus required)

I spent long time modding it and sacrificed a lot of my free time so be respectful and don’t steal files
if you want permisson to use files ask me on discord
don’t contact me on discord asking me how to mod

this mod wouldn’t be possible without these people
thanks to
felix for background path
yunyl for porting dtape
vlad for letting me use jdup font
lodwicke for letting me use his extracted jd19 assets
mailor for feedback textures
and to everyone for support


some duo songs have placeholder coach on some songs ambient sounds aren’t played

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